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  2025 Call For Proposals - Deadline: May 1, 2024


IEEE EDS SHE in ECE Event – 2023

With the support from IEEE Electron Device Society (EDS) and in collaboration with IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at NJIT hosted a “One-Day Summer Camp for Female High School and Middle School Students” on NJIT campus on June 27, 2023. The focus of the event was to encourage female students to join engineering especially in electrical engineering and/or computer engineering. The program was organized from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. The theme was Soaring High-powered Excellence i.e., SHE in IEEE and SHE in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).   More information can be found:  https://she.njit.edu/


202214 Photo 1202214 Photo 2  *Read more in the EDS Newsletter, Jan. 2023 Issue

STEM4FUN Community Program:  Promote STEM Interest Among 1500 Students

Organized by the College of Engineering Studies of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in collaboration with The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Electron Devices Society (EDS) Malaysia. The program was funded by the 2022 EDS Humanitarian Project Grant.



Off Grid Solar School Kenya

Off-Grid Solar School and SmartBox Project in the Maasai tribal village of Empash, Kenya

Dr. Stephen Parke, NNU Engineering Professor and IEEE EDS Humanitarian Committee member, led a team of 12 Northwest Nazarene University students to Africa Nazarene University near Nairobi, Kenya, to study alongside their fellow Kenyan students.  Dr. Parke's students and ANU's ToEnable team led by Dr. Kamau, travelled many hours to transport, install, and train teachers on a new solar power and SmartBox system at the newly opened Empash School.

Read Dr. Parke's full report. 



 Automated and Sustainable Drip Irrigation System in Rural NicaraguaNicaragua Irrigation project

A collaboration between EDS, IEEE SIGHT and local partners, led by EDS Member, Mario Aleman

The project purpose was to implement an automated and sustainable drip irrigation system powered by solar energy and controlled by a microcontroller. The project benefited a community in La Paz, Carazo, Nicaragua, with a sustainable system for improving their agricultural production. The group established a community shelter for local and international volunteers to visit and develop outreach activities and projects. This project aims to scale and replicate the good practices of community development carried out by IEEE EDS Nicaragua Chapter, SIGHT Nicaragua and local partners.

Watch this video to see the project's development.

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iStock 8926434801st Region 9 EDS Application Specific Integrated Circuit Contest

Read poster for more information on the selected proposals and contest.







 Promoting STEM Courses to Young Students for Renewable EN

LAEDC Scholarships - Global Outreach Projectimg 8937 2

A total of 30 international EDS students, including at least 20 undergraduate students from Central America, and graduate students from South America, Europe and North America, attended the IEEE Latin American Electron Devices Conference (LAEDC), in San Jose, Costa Rica, held in February 2020.

Students attended an EDS mini-colloquia, a poster presentation session, an EDS-ETC training workshop at a local university, and the full conference program, including social activities. The participation of students from Central America motivated them to join the IEEE and EDS, and create new IEEE EDS chapters.






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Universidad Nacional de San Luis in the News

UNSL newsIEEE EDS finances new educational project at LCA - Faculty of Engineering and Agricultural Sciences

Promoting STEM courses to young students for renewable energy and open source technology, was the purpose of this program. EDS volunteers developed educational tools for the new challenges and opportunities that will be required by future professionals for problem solving, innovation and the possibilities offered by the world of renewable energy and sustainable development. The team offered virtual workshops at technical schools and in-person courses when safe.



IEEE EDS Industry Placement Initiative

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This program sponsored 10 current and newly graduated students to spend time in industry on any topics aligned with EDS. Students gained valuable hands-on knowledge in quantum technologies, neuromorphic computing/accelerators of AI, compound semiconductors (GaN and SiC), renewables, 5G/IoT, reliability and CMOS. Participants from Europe, Asia and South America benefited from this program in 2020. Read their experiences.





Community Technology Literacy Through 3D printing Technology and Energy harvesting cells for Water Monitoring Applications

The “community technology literacy IEEE” project has successfully developed a two-parameter (pH and conductivity) water quality meter designated as PortAqua. Their main characteristics are modular, low-cost, intended to be used for non-technical users, with friendly interface and aimed to be assembled by each user. PortAqua was also used as a teaching tool in order to allow the local academic community to understand water quality measurement techniques and local regulations.

More information on this project can be seen at








IEEE EDS Design Innovation for Emergency Preparedness and Sustainability

AS 2IEEE EDS has recently sponsored an online-based workshop on Electronic Gadget Design in Malaysia. The event was hosted by the Malaysian EDS Chapter. Prof. Muhammad Hussain of the University of California Berkeley and Ms. Wedyan Babatain of KAUST, Saudi Arabia conducted this unique workshop where 15 undergraduate and graduate students who are studying in seven different universities in Malaysia participated. They formed four groups and went through a seven steps process involving team formation, survey, brainstorming, planning, development, testing and optimization for 6 weeks to demonstrate a floor mat that can detect if someone has accidental fall/trip; a greenhouse monitor and automated control system; a piezoelectric energy harvester and touchless toilet cleaning system. This event was supported under IEEE EDS Design Innovation for Emergency Preparedness and Sustainability Program and will be offered in South America, South Asia and MENA.





EDS Project #56 - Extended EDS-ETC: DIY Robotics