Compound Semiconductor Devices and Circuits Committee




The EDS Technical Committee on Compound Semiconductor Devices & Circuits periodically meets to promote an effective dissemination and exchange of knowledge in the fields of devices and circuits based on compound semiconductors. Typical activity may include the organization of webinars, the promotion of special issues in IEEE journals, special sessions at conferences and workshops, with the ultimate goal of promoting the dissemination of knowledge in the fields of compound semiconductor devices and circuits


Members are volunteers who serve for a two-year renewable term at the invitation of the committee chair. Membership is limited to two consecutive terms so that new ideas can be generated, incorporated, and executed.


The committee is formed by a number of globally-recognized members of the industrial and academic research community, who are extremely active in the fields




If you have ideas that you would like to have considered by this committee (e.g. a new workshop, aspecial issue, topics for special sessions, etc.) please contact any current committee member. If you would like to volunteer on the committee, please contact the committee chair.

Compound Semiconductor Devices & Circuits Committee Chair

Compound Semiconductor Devices & Circuits Committee Members