Technology Computer Aided Design




      The objective of the Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) Committee is to promote the interests of all stakeholders in the TCAD community. We want to 

-        - Highlight TCAD as an essential part of semiconductor technology development.


-        - Maximize the quality of TCAD and its ability to make predictions about future devices of interest to industry


-         -Enable successful careers in TCAD from the undergraduate level to senior TCAD engineer or researcher


-        - Build a cohesive community including all stakeholders (academia, developers of TCAD codes, and industrial end users)



Members are volunteers who serve for a two-year renewable term at the invitation of the committee chair. Membership is limited to two consecutive terms so that new ideas can be generated, incorporated, and executed.


In 2000,  an exciting time for TCAD,  this  technical committee was formed to promote and advocate for TCAD.  The first chairman was Professor Mark Law and there were 13 initial committee members.


Conferences / Journals

       Conferences that contain TCAD presentations




v IEDM :








v DRC :


v   VLSI :


       The following book is an excellent overview of TCAD

D. Esseni, C. Jungemann, J. Lorenz, P. Palestri, E. Sangiorgi, L. Selmi, "Technology Computer Aided Design", in Guide to State-of-the-Art Electron Devices, Publisher: Wiley, pp. 97-106, 2013, ISBN 978-D. Esseni, C. Jungemann, J. Lorenz,



If you have ideas that you would like to have considered by this committee (e.g. a new workshop, aspecial issue, topics for special sessions, etc.) please contact any current committee member. If you would like to volunteer on the committee, please contact the committee chair.



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