Transactions on Materials for Electron Devices

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“Device innovation has never been more dependent on novel materials. This Journal brings academics and industrial scientists together to truly validate if, how and which novel materials could become a solution for current and future challenges in electron devices.”






The IEEE Transactions on Materials for Electron Devices (T-MAT) publishes contributed and invited articles of different formats in the field of materials for electron devices and their interconnects.  The focus of T-Mat is on the applied aspects of electronic materials, as well as fundamentals directly relevant to individual and integrated device engineering and fabrication.




Materials will include advanced thin-films and their interfaces, as well as nanomaterials (nanowires, nanotubes, 2D materials and their combination). Manufacturing platforms will include wafer-level, roll-to-roll as well as direct-write and additive technologies. Processing techniques will also be incorporated that can hone materials’ properties to an optimal performance for designated applications. Aspects of interest also include advances in scalability, large-scale structuring and patterning, robustness and control of interfaces, integrated performance and reliability, and related novel metrics, while keeping an eye out for long-term sustainability of large-scale deployment in semiconductor manufacturing.




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