Leo Esaki Award

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The Leo Esaki Award was established in 2019 to recognize the best paper appearing in a fast turn around archival publication of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, targeted to the IEEE Journal of Electron Devices Society. It is presented annually and the recipient(s) is awarded a certificate and a check for $2,500, presented at the International Electron Devices Meeting.


 Congratulations to the 2023 IEEE EDS Leo Esaki Award Winners for the winning paper

 Ultrafast ID-VG Technique for Reliable Cryogenic Device Characterization


Award Winners

Year Individuals Paper

Pragya Shrestha, Akin Akturk, Brian Hoskins, Advait Madhaven, and Jason P. Campbel

Ultrafast ID-VG Technique for Reliable Cryogenic Device Characterization

Fei Mo, Jiawen Xiang, Xiaoran Mei, Yoshiki Sawabe, Takuya Saraya, Toshiro Hiramoto, Chun-Jung Su, Vita Pi-Ho Hu, and Masaharu Kobayashi

Efficient Erase Operation by GIDL Current for 3D Structure FeFETs With Gate Stack Engineering and Compact Long-Term Retention Model
2021 Sung-Tae Lee, Gyuho Yeom, Joon Hwang, Hyseongsu Kim, Honam Yoo, Byung-Gook Park and Jong-Ho Lee Utilization of Unsigned Inputs for NAND Flash-Based Parallel and High-Density Synaptic Architecture in Binary Neural Networks
2020 Wei-Xiang You, Pin Su and Chenming Hu A New 8T Hybrid Nonvolatile SRAM with Ferroelectric FET
2019 Masaharu Kobayashi, Yusaku Tagawa, Fei Mo, Takuya Saraya, and Toshiro Hiramoto Ferroelectric HfO2 Tunnel Junction Memory with High TER and Multi-level Operation Featuring Metal Replacement Process