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The IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (J-PV) is a peer-reviewed, archival publication reporting original and significant research results that advance the field of photovoltaics. 

Policy for Authors Publishing to IEEE Journals - IEEE requires an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) for all authors publishing articles in IEEE journals.


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All IEEE journals require an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) for all authors. ORCIDs enable accurate attribution and improved discoverability of an author’s published work. The author will need a registered ORCID in order to submit a manuscript or review a proof in this journal.

Follow these steps to link a ScholarOne account to a registered ORCID:

  1. Login to ScholarOne and click on your name in top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click E-mail / Name in the dropdown menu.
  3. In the ORCID section at the top of the page, click the appropriate link to either register for a new ORCID or associate the account with an existing ORCID.
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Authors who do not have an ORCID in their ScholarOne user account will be prompted to provide one during submission.



The J-PV's impact factor is 3.0

Submitting Manuscripts for Possible Publication in J-PV

The PV field is diverse in its science base ranging from semiconductor and PV device physics to optics and the materials sciences. The journal publishes articles that connect this science base to PV science and technology. The intent is to publish original research results that are of primary interest to the photovoltaic specialist.

All contributed and invited paper submissions to the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics must be submitted using IEEE’s web-based ScholarOne Author Submission and Peer Review System. Manuscripts submitted in any other way will be returned to the sender.

To submit manuscripts using ScholarOne, please click here or login to ScholarOne using the login box.

Peer Review The articles in this journal are peer reviewed in accordance with the requirements set forth in the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual ( Each published article was reviewed by a minimum of two independent reviewers using a single-blind peer review process, where the identities of the reviewers are not known to the authors, but the reviewers know the identities of the authors. Articles will be screened for plagiarism before acceptance.

Any questions about submissions or for information about becoming a J-PV editor or reviewer, please contact:

Steven Perez

Peer Review Support Specialist

IEEE, 445 Hoes Lane

Piscataway, NJ 08855



Call for Nominations for Editor-in-Chief

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics


The IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (JPV) is a peer-reviewed archival publication reporting on original and significant research results in the field of photovoltaics (PV).  The PV field is diverse, ranging from the science and engineering of PV materials and devices, to their application in cells, modules, photovoltaic generators, the design of systems of modules, and large-scale solar installations.  Works describing enhancing PV reliability, and extending the system lifetime are welcome when PV is the focus. Manuscripts related to control and optimization of PV power-generation system performance are welcome where there is a direct relationship to the nature of the PV devices.

Tutorial and review papers on the above subjects are also published and occasionally special issues are produced to present a collection of papers which treat particular areas in more depth and breadth.  Special issues may also be published directly related to topics of interest to the PV community, for example the best works presented at the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference.


Criteria for the Nominees:

  Able and motivated to spend sufficient time on the job

  Demonstrate competence with a publications track-record in at least one of the subfields of photovoltaics

  Formal support from the institution for which the nominee works (waived if self-employed)

  Has served or currently serving as an Editor, Associate Editor, or on one of the advisory boards of J-PV

  Able to work at all levels: editorial boards, IEEE/EDS staff, volunteers, authors, reviewers and officers and shows good judgement

  Be a member of EDS

  Other desirable qualifications include leadership experience, integrity and ethical standards, organizational and management skills, and a vision for moving the journal to a new level of excellence


Requirement for Nominations:

1 - A brief IEEE-style biography (up to 250 words) of the nominee

2 - A complete CV and list-of-publications of the nominee

3 - A brief statement from the nominator on nominee’s qualification and how the nominee meets the criteria listed

4 - A letter from nominee’s employer indicating support for the EiC activity

5 - Endorsement from two EDS members on the nomination

6 - A statement (up to 500 words) from the nominee on his/her vision for the journal


Please e-mail the nomination materials to: Laura Riello – by May 5, 2024