Technical Committees

The Electron Devices Society Technical Committees help ensure that the technical information EDS disseminates through its conferences and publications is on target, covers all the areas that are of interest to EDS members, and is worthy of the IEEE-EDS moniker.

EDS supports 14 technical committees ranging from mainstream silicon technologies (VLSI Technology and Circuits) to more exotic materials (Flexible Electronics and Displays) and emerging areas (Nanotechnology).

Vice President of Technical Committees Job Description

Chair of Technical Committee Job Description

Vice-Presidents and Chairs: serve a two-year renewable term and are ex-officio members of the Forum with voting privileges.

Committee Members: serve a two-year renewable term and are ex-officio members of the Forum with no voting privileges.

NOTE: EDS Committee Chairs - Please submit technical news to promote on EDS communication platforms.


Vice-President of Technical Committees - John Dallessase
Committee Chair
Compact Modeling Yogesh Singh Chauhan
Compound Semiconductor Devices & Circuits Matteo Meneghini
Device Reliability Physics Biju Parameshwaran
Electronic Materials Muhammad Mustafa Hussain
Flexible Electronics and Displays

Ta-Ya Chu

Microelectromechanical Systems Ming-Huang Li
Nanotechnology Mario Lanza
Neuromorphics  Joshua Yang
Optoelectronic Devices Jamie Phillips
Photovoltaic Devices Vikram L Dalal
Power Devices and ICs Marina Antoniou
Semiconductor Manufacturing Tomasz Brozek
Technology Computer Aided Design

Stephen Cea

Vacuum Electronics Monica Blank
VLSI Technology and Circuits Hitoshi Wakabayashi
Quantum Technologies  Anthony Sigillito