Past Education Award Winners




2022 Ilesanmi Adesida "For outstanding contributions to international education, mentoring and diversity in the field of electron devices"
2021 Tsu-Jae King Liu “For outstanding contributions to education in the field of electron devices and achievements on diversity and inclusion”
2020 Valipe Ramgopal Rao "For educational leadership and establishing Nanoelectronics research programs in India
2019   Chennupati Jagadish                   "For distinguished and sustained contributions globally to education, training and mentoring in the field of interest of  the IEEE Electron Devices Society"
2018   Muhammad Ashraful Alam                   "For educating, inspiring and mentoring students and electron device professionals around the world"
2017 Mansun Chan "For pioneering innovative approaches in electronic engineering education"
2016 Hiroshi Iwai "For providing high-quality engineering education for industry and academics worldwide"
2015 Roger Howe “For contributions to mentoring and education in the fields of microelectromechanical systems and nanotechnology”
2014 Juin J. Liou

“For promoting and inspiring global education and learning in the field of electron devices”


Charvaka Duvvury

“For long-standing services in educating and developing engineers and students in the field of Electro-static Discharge (ESD) and its applications for electronic devices”

2012 Jesus A. del Alamo "For pioneering contributions to the development of online laboratories for microelectronics education on a worldwide scale"
2011 Chenming Hu "For distinguished contributions to education and inspiration of students, practicing engineers and future educators in semiconductor devices"
2010 Sorab K. Ghandhi “For pioneering contributions to semiconductor and microelectronics education”
2009 David L. Pulfrey "For conributions to the teaching of semiconductor devices at both the undergraduate and graduate levels."
2008 Robert W. Dutton "For distingushed contributions to all levels of university education in process, device, and circuit simulations for the semiconductor industry."
2007 Meyya Meyyappan "For promoting nanotechnology education to university and high school students"
2006 Mark S. Lundstrom "To recognize distinguished contributions to education within the field of interest of the IEEE Electron Devices Society"