From Black Phosphorus to Phosphorene Abstract

Phosphorus is one of the most abundant elements preserved in earth, constructing with a fraction of 0.1% of the earth crust. In general, phosphorus has several allotropes including white, red, and black phosphorus. Black phosphorus, though rarely mentioned, is a layered semiconductor and have great potentials in optical and electronic applications. Remarkably, this layered material can be reduced to one single atomic layer in the vertical direction owing to the van der Waals structure, dubbed phosphorene, where the physical properties can be tremendously different from its bulk counterpart and needed to be further explored. In this talk, we trace back to the 100 years research history on black phosphorus from the synthesis to material properties, and extend the topic from black phosphorus to phosphorene. Their electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical anisotropic properties are thoroughly studied and will be presented and reviewed.

Dr. Peide Ye

Purdue University