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TitlePresenterInformationDate Presented
Flexible metal oxide thin-film transistors for analog electronics Prof. Niko Münzenrieder  Abstract 7 Oct. 2020
“Tiny-but-tough” Gallium Nitride Nanoelectronics for Extreme Harsh Environments Prof. Debbie Senesky Abstract 16 Sept. 2020
Graphene on cubic silicon carbide: a platform on silicon for More-Than-Moore integrated technologies by Prof Francesca Iacopi Prof Francesca Iacopi Abstract 2 Sept. 2020
Introducing Layered Dieletrics in solid-state microelectronic devices Prof. Mario Lanza Abstract 19 August 2020
Materials and Device Technologies for Quantum Information Sciences Prof. Deep Jariwala Abstract 5 August 2020
Heterogeneous Integration - why is it becoming such a big deal and how does it affect electron device development Prof. Subramanian S. Iyer Abstract 22 July 2020
Ga2O3 Power Devices and How They Stand up to GaN and SiC Prof. Huili Grace Xing Abstract 8 July 2020
Atomristors: 2D Non-volatile Memory Devices and RF/5G Switches Prof. Deji Akinwande Abstract 25 June 2020
Optoelectronic Devices for Neuromorphic Vision Sensors Yang Chai Abstract 3 June 2020
Photovoltaics Beyond Solar: Powering the Internet of Things and Bio-Implantable Devices Dr. Jamie Phillips Abstract 20 May 2020
Resistive Devices and Circuits for Neuro-Inspired Computing Prof. Shimeng Yu Abstract 6 May 2020
Chemiresistive Gas Sensors : Towards Electronic Nose Dr. Navakanta Bhat Abstract  29 April 2020
Prospects and Limitations in Thin Film Photovoltaic Technology R&D Dr. Nowshad Amin Abstract 15 April 2020
Transport Theory for 21st Century Device Technologists Prof. Mark Lundstrom Abstract 13 Nov 2019
Benchmarking Near-term Quantum Computers Dr. Jerry Chow Abstract July 17, 2019
Silicon technologies for mmWave 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Radio interface Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay Abstract June 19, 2019
vFabLab™ - An Interactive Virtual Environment To Train on Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain Abstract April 24, 2019
Thin Film Transistor Integration Strategies for Ultra Low Power and High Gain Prof. Arokia Nathan Abstract March 13, 2019
High-Performance III-N Devices and Integration Technologies for Advanced System Applications Prof. Patrick Fay Abstract February 20, 2019
Next-generation Electronics with 2D Materials - from atoms to applications Prof. Kaustav Banerjee Abstract November 14, 2018
Five Non-Volatile Memristor Enigmas Solved Prof. Leon Chua Abstract September 26 2018
Hybrid Systems-in-Foil: Enabler of Flexible Electronics Joachim N. Burghartz Abstract August 22, 2018
Silicon Terahertz and sub-THz Electronics for Imaging, Sensing, Testing and Communications Michael S. Shur
June 27, 2018
When More Moore and More than Moore will meet for 3D On the way to the Energy and Variability Efficient (E.V.E.) Era Simon Deleonibus Abstract April 25, 2018
ESD Protection Design for ICs: Past, Current and Future Albert Z.H. Wang Abstract
February 28, 2018
GaN Devices and Applications Dr. Alexander Lidow Abstract October 20, 2017
Anatomy of a Power MOSFET Dr. Phil Rutter Abstract May 10, 2017
Emerging Interconnect Technologies for Nanoeletronics Prof. Krishna Saraswat Abstract February 22, 2017
From Black Phosphorus to Phosphorene

Dr. Peide Ye Abstract November 19, 2016
Parasitic inductance hindering utilization of power devices Reinhold Bayerer Abstract October 19, 2016
Nanometer Scale III-V CMOS Jesus A. del Alamo Abstract July 13, 2016
Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Henry J. Snaith Abstract April 6, 2016
Memory – the N3XT Frontier H.-S. Philip Wong Abstract March 24, 2016
Power Semiconductor Device Basics Ichiro Omura Abstract December 2, 2015
Power Electronics as an enabler for a Smart Energy Future Johan Driesen Abstract October 20, 2015
Showstoppers and Bottlenecks to Terawatt Solar Photovoltaics Meng Tao Abstract September 15, 2015
Engineering a Sustainable Society with Power Semiconductor Devices Jayant Baliga Abstract August 26, 2015
Terahertz Electronics for Sensing Applications Michael S. Shur Abstract July 27, 2015
Plagiarism Detection and Prevention: CrossCheck Overview Bill Hagen & Anthony VenGraitis Abstract April 2, 2015
Show Me the Money! Strategies and Tips for Taking Ideas from Concept to Funded Research Program Kyle Montgomery, David Wilt & Steven Ringel Abstract November 6, 2014
IEEE Women in Engineering Live Chat with Dr. Alice Zhang Dr. Alice Zhang Abstract October 29, 2014
Planar Nanowire-based Transistors and Vertical Nanowire-based Solar Cells: Performance and Manufacturability Xiuling Li Abstract September 25, 2014
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in the IC World Dr. Rakesh Kumar Abstract September 4, 2014
Packaging Challenges in a World Driven by the Internet of Things and Migration to the Cloud Dr. W.R. Bottoms Abstract June 24, 2014
Terrestrial Radiation Induced Soft Errors in Integrated Circuits Stewart Rauch Abstract April 23, 2014
New Requirements to be Proposed for the CEC's Eligible Solar Electric Equipment Guidelines Patrick Saxton, John WohlgemuthRalph Romero Abstract  February 4, 2014
Working Successfully in the Semiconductor Industry Douglas P. Verret Abstract October 17, 2013
Reflections on the Gentle Art of Teaching and Mentoring John D. Cressler Abstract September 10, 2013
CMOS Device Scaling - Past, Present, and Future Yuan Taur Abstract August 14-15, 2013

Circuits on Cellulose: From Transistors to LEDs, from Displays to Microfluidics on Paper
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Andrew Steckl Abstract July 16, 2013

When Medicine meets Engineering - Paradigm Shifts of Diagnosis and Therapeutics

ChihMing Ho Abstract
Available to EDS and EMBS members.
April 16, 2013
Optimize Your Career through Graduate School Mark Law Abstract
Available to all IEEE members.
April 4, 2013
Emerging Memory Victor Zhirnov Abstract March 14, 2013
Organic Electronics - Where Are We, Where Do We Go? Karl Leo Abstract September 27, 2012
From Deep Trenches to Skyscrapers-- Orthogonal Scaling Subramanian S. Iyer Abstract
Available to EDS and SSCS members.
May 23, 2012
Physics and Technology of Advanced Solar Cells Vikram Dalal Abstract February 14, 2012
Introduction to Physics and Technology of Solar Cells Vikram Dalal Abstract December 16, 2011
The FinFET 3D Transistor and the Concept Behind It Abstract Chenming Hu Abstract July 27, 2011

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