Working Successfully in the Semiconductor Industry Abstract

For those not fortunate enough to have worked as an intern, the experience of working in the semiconductor industry can be quite different than expectations.  In general you have been taught many valuable things by your professors, but there are many more things that you were not told.  Some of you will experience culture shock.  In this webinar you will not hear about the results of a rigorous sociological or anthropological study on the semiconductor industry workplace, but rather a personal perspective of someone who has worked in the industry for three and a half decades. You will hear about the characteristics of the industry as a whole and how it affects the work life of a typical engineer.  You will learn about common misconceptions and pitfalls of novice engineers as well as traits and characteristics you will need to flourish in this unique environment.  For experienced engineers you will hear about things that you have probably experienced but may not have reflected upon nor internalized.