Distinguished Lecturer Approval Process


2021 Distinguished Lecturer Approval Process
DL Call for Nominations: 8 March 2021
DL Nomination Submission Deadline:  30 April 2021
DL Nomination Review completed:  May 2021
DL Approvals: June 2021


Nominations for EDS Distinguished Lecturers can only be submitted by EDS BoG Members and submitted via the online nomination form. The nominator must be familiar with the Nominee's professional background and research area. The nominee must be an IEEE/EDS Fellow or IEEE/EDS Senior Member with a minimum of 10 years research experience in academia or industry to serve as an EDS Distinguished Lecturer.  The nominator should complete the EDS DL Nomination Form in full and include a 500 word abstract, other details and include a video file size 25mb (max) and duration 15 minutes (max)of one technical lecture that the DL typically presents and sends it to Laura Riello of the EDS Executive Office. Self-nomination is not accepted.

The nomination needs to be endorsed by two IEEE Fellows or one IEEE Fellow and one EDS BoG member using the online endorsement form. Approval of all EDS Distinguished Lecturers will occur in September each year. The nominations of the proposed distinguished lecturers will be reviewed by the DL Review Committee and the appointments will be made by EDS President based on the review committee recommendations. In late September, the DL nominator will be contacted.

To remain an active EDS DL, each DL must perform at least three lectures and report them to EDS in a two year time period.

1. If the DL nominee is approved to serve as an EDS DL, Executive Office sends new DL a DL Welcome Packet.
2. If the individual nominee is not approved to serve as an EDS DL, Executive Office sends a letter out to individual advising them that they have not been approved.