Distinguished Lecturer Approval Process

The nominations will be reviewed by a DL Nomination Review Panel appointed by the EDS President (7 members including, 5 Regional SRC Chairs*, a panel member appointed by the EDS President, and EDS VP of Regions & Chapters as Chairman). The criterion for review includes careful evaluation of the candidate’s expertise and ability to convey the technical topic, which includes a review of a technical talk (video or any visual means) by the candidate for 15 minutes duration.  The review Panel will submit their recommendations to the EDS President to make the DL appointment. The newly appointed DL will be announced in September each year. If the individual’s nomination is approved to serve as an EDS DL, the EDS Executive Office sends a DL Welcome Packet informing all terms and conditions. If an individual’s nomination is not approved to serve as an EDS DL, EDS Executive Office sends a letter to the individual advising that the nomination has not been approved.   The procedure for any reappointment of DLs (after the term lapses) will also be similar, except that the nomination made by a BoG member need not be endorsed by the IEEE Fellows.  The review process in such cases also will be similar, except that the Review Panel need not review the video of the lecture, but needs to review the previous feedback about the DL received from the Chapters and members.   On satisfactory recommendation from the Review team, the EDS VP of Regions & Chapters can reinstate the DL with ratification by EDS President. The conditions for this appointment will be the same as that of new DL appointments.   The DL nomination, review, and approval process is limited to once a year, completed in late September each year.  *Regional SRC Chairs can be members of the Review Panel only if they are qualified for DL position.